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Pitch Training

Speaker Studio is the highest rated
training program
across multiple incubators.

***** Google Reviews, founders rate our Pitch Coaching as 'exceptional' and 'incredible'.

PitchCraft Online

For Indivuduals, Founders, CEO's, Start Ups & anyone who wants to power up their pitch.

I will train you to build and present a powerful investment pitch. 
You will learn how to write, structure and deliver your short and long pitches, inviting your audience into a compelling sales conversation.

Learn how to talk about your business - POWERFULLY

What is it?

What do I get?

How does it help?

PitchCraft Online is an Interactive PDF Video Workshop. 


Write, Build and Practice your pitch to perfection


Video Tutorials

Written Tasks

Practical Exercises

to create your winning investment pitch. 


Neve's videos guide you

through the techniques


Personal Feedback Report

Neve will assess your performance and feedback in a full report outlining what steps you need to take to improve your pitch.

150+ Page Easy Access

Interactive PDF

with Videos of Neve

and Task Worksheets.

Comprehensive Personal Feedback Report

of your pitch and delivery when you send in a video for review.

For only £149, you get instant access to the techniques and theory of one of the UK's highest rated pitch coaches, plus personal feedback on your skills.

One purchased, the course is yours for life, you can review it any time you need to write a new pitch and use the exercises to help you create and perform your pitch powerfully

You can also book live online coaching sessions with Neve after purchasing PitchCraft Online, so that she can coach you through the techniques.

Pitching is a highly specific skill and one that almost everyone needs help with. 

The course covers:

Structure, Delivery and Mindset

 • The Pitch Burger Build

Write & Structure your pitch
• 25 Word Pitch
• 1 Minute Pitch

• Fight or Flight
• Slide Rules

•Opening & Closing

• Think like an investor
• Pain, Product, Promise.
• Faciliation, Storytelling & Surprise.

 • The Seven P’s of Performance
• The Four Characters of Charisma

• Praise, Parrot, Pause.

• Tough Questions

•  Speaker's Mindset

• Actor Warm ups

•Breathing Techniques

• Focus Techniques

• Personal Feedback Report

Pitch Training Courses

For Incubators, Accelerators, Companies, Start Ups, Large Organisations.

Support your Founders with the highest rated Pitch Training on the market.  We will design a programme to meet your needs and budget that includes
live practical coaching as well as critical techniques.

We serve some of the leading incubators in the UK and Internationally.

We work both in person and online.

Give us a call to see how we can adapt our program
to help your founders and start-ups succeed.
Founders are coached in performance as an actor would be on stage.
We coach on all aspects their physical delivery, voice, tone, inflection, pose, gesture, storytelling & emotional connection
Using our unique Pitch Burger tool, founders can write and structure their pitch from scratch.  They will take away powerful and persuasive versions of their pitch to use in their business.
Using the Seven P's of Performance and the Four Characters of Charisma, we coach each individual to the top of their presentation game.  No-one gets left behind.
We teach NLP and proven techniques to ensure the dreaded Flight or Flight response never rears its ugly head in our pitches.  Speakers stay focussed, calm and in control.

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We work with both individuals and organisations, message us here to connect.

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