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Presentation Skills

Career success lies in the way you speak.

Yet, even at senior levels, we can benefit from a little coaching in our speaking skills, so that we can be heard positively, influence others and be seen as leaders.


Presentation Skills Courses

For companies, large organisations, teams or anyone who needs to step up and speak

We lead our courses with expert practical coaching,
as well as teaching all the critical techniques of public speaking.

We work both in person and online.

Give us a call to see how we can adapt our program
to help you or your teams succeed.
Be coached in performance as an actor would be on stage.
We coach on all aspects their physical delivery, voice, tone, inflection, pose, gesture, storytelling and emotional connection
Using our unique Presentation Burger tool, learn to write and structure your pitch from scratch.  Create powerful and persuasive presentations to use in your business.
Using the Seven P's of Performance and the Four Characters of Charisma, we coach each individual to the top of their presentation game.  No-one gets left behind.
We teach NLP and proven techniques to ensure the dreaded Flight or Flight response never rears its ugly head in our pitches.  Speakers stay focussed, calm and in control.

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