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Corporate Training

I love training.
I spent a decade leading the Sales Training Programs for Apple and Google worldwide. 

The training room should be a
powerful, personal and positive experience
which leaves a lasting imprint.

We deliver training that makes a difference.

The Training Experience

Like a flight simulator, but for situations not planes! 

We build our roleplays as closely to the real world scenario as possible.


Participants quickly immerse into the world created by our professional actors.

Participants can freeze, rewind and reinvent the action played in front of them.

This deeply immersive discussion technique allows participants complete control and a safe space to try out ideas and solutions.

Professional actors elevate the humble roleplay into a masterclass of human behaviour.  Trained in Myers Briggs personality types, the actors are able to draw out learnings and provide a wonderful experience for the participant.

We tailor to your needs, culture and goals.  We will build a program specifically for your people that hits the metrics and targets you are aiming for.

Have a chat to see how we can elevate your training program into the exceptional.

No matter the subject, great training needs to be interactive to drive change. 

We bring industry leading training experiences to your teams with our Simulator, Forum Theatre and Actor Facilitators.

  With professional actors we simulate your real world scenarios, so that we can dissect and discuss it in an unforgettable Forum Theatre. 
The Forum allows the participant to interact with the actors and action, make changes, replay and discuss as a group the impact of the scenario. 

This takes boring old roleplay into another stratosphere. 
Simulation and Forum Theatre with professional actors is loved by participants and elevates their experience into something truly meaningful and relevant.
It 'Refreshes the parts no other training can reach' because
it's 'Probably the best training in the world'.

The Actors work with Myers Briggs Personality Types
and bespoke briefs to bring the Simulation to life. 
It's powerful, it's unforgettable and above all
it's effective.

We have trained hundreds of people, across many
industries and topics, including:

Microaggressions & Unconscious Bias
Intersectionality & Allyship
Social Mobility & Representation
L&D Programs
Train the Trainer Programs

Retail Sales Conversation
Closing the Sale
Product Demo
Train the Trainer Programs

Presentation Prowess  / Speak Up and Be Heard

Executive Coaching Programs

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