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  • Which is better for me? Group classes or private coaching?
    Both are effective! We offer live online and in person group sessions with people facing the same challenges as you, to learn the theories, exercises and techniques you need for change. Plus you get the benefit of group feedback and a llittle healthy pressure from having to speak in front of the group! You can also book a private coaching session where we work specifically on your unique needs, so you can practice and develop in privacy, with confidence.
  • How will improving my speaking help my career?
    If you need to win investment for your business, you'll need to be a confident, persuasive speaker. Many of us face challenges in presenting and speaking: 'I hate presenting' 'I'm not a natural public speaker' 'I can't get my voice heard' 'I can't influence my team' 'I get interrupted' 'I hate my voice' 'No-one listens to me' 'I'm not respected at work' 'I'm not seen as a leader' 'I don't fit into the team' 'They say I'm too aggressive' 'They say I'm emotional' Even at senior executive levels at Apple and Google, brilliant people struggled with the same issues with getting their point across positively, winning influence and leadership points and promotion.  Your perception is formed by the way you speak, the way you come across and the way you present yourself.  You can change perception and be seen as a powerful, articulate, intelligent leader. It's all in the presentation, mindset and speaking skills.  I won 6 figure salaries at Apple and Google, not because of my CV or my skills, but purely because of the way I came across, the way I presented myself in interviews and pitches.  If I can do it - so can you! Warren Buffet says the single most important thing a person can do for their career is to improve their speaking skills.  Business means dealing with people, there's no way around that and developing your speaking skills increases your value by 150% If you want to get ahead and get respect, you need to challenge yourself to develop your communication style so that you can be seen as a powerful and valuable asset to your company and that means staying true to your natural personality and charisma. By being confident, articulate and authentic, you will power up your career and get the respect your deserve!
  • How will course materials be delivered?
    Online Course: You will receive a download for the interactive PDF containing all the videos and guides in one digital manual. You can send in your video - record a few minutes of yourself giving a presentation to camera - to the email address in the course manual to receive your personal Feedback report from Neve. In Person Classes: You will receive the payment confirmation and location details via email. Course handouts or PDFs will be provided where necessary. Private Coaching Sessions: Live or Online If you would like to go straight to private coaching, please email and we can book you in just for private tuition sessions.
  • How quickly can I expect results?
    Some techniques, such as ones to ease anxiety or body language exercises can work within seconds, others might address deeper rooted issues that can take a little conscious effort from you to break the patterns that are holding you back.  It's all up to you, I can give you the tools and techniques to change the way you are perceived, but you have to put them into practice! This is why our live course and private coaching is so much more powerful than reading a book or watching a video.  With us, you have individual support to make the changes you need for success.
  • What will I learn?
    Drawing on my background as a professional Actor, NLP Master and Pitch Coach and Senior Learning and Development Lead in Global Tech, I will share my unique skillset and decades of experience with you. As a leading Pitch Coach in Blockchain and other tech startups, I will help you create a magnificent investment pitch or work presentation. Covering Mind, Body and Content we will work through the B-B-C System to help you calm and control your mindset and stop those nasty nerves from spoiling your performance, get your body language and voice to come across as natural, powerful and authentic and learn to structure and create powerful content which can influence your audience in your presentation and help you be perceived as a brilliant team member and speaker! This is all tailored to the unique challenges we face in the workplace and is designed to help you regain your confidence, love your voice and be heard positively at work.
  • What support will I get?
    You will have the support of Neve in the live training and coaching sessions, plus you can always email with questions or for help on specific issues.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Yes, if you attend a course and are not happy with the experience, we offer a 100% money back guarantee and will refund your course fee in full.  No refunds are offered for no-shows, latecomers or last minute learner cancellations.  If for any reason, including covid, we have to cancel the course, we will, of course, offer you a full cash refund. You can reschedule your course dates 7 days in advance of your start date. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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